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1. You should strengthen the physical exercises, enhance the physique, persist in outdoor activities, and enhance health levels.

2. You should participate in cultural and sports activities frequently, so as to eliminate fatigue and maintain the spirit happy, cheerful and optimistic.

3. You should pay attention to the eye hygiene, correct bad eye habits, keep a proper posture, keep a suitable distance (1-foot), rest for a while after continuous use of eyes for 1 hour to adjust the tension of eyes, and look far away to adjust the vision.

4. You should examine the vision regularly. When finding the vision loss, you should examine the reasons timely, and receive treatment timely. If you need glasses, you should make eye optometry and get the right glasses to correct your vision in time.

5. You should persist in eye exercises, and ensure sufficient sleep time.

6. You should improve the nutritious diet, and increase the diet containing vitamin A and D, calcium and chromium. The bad habits such as smoking and drinking should be prohibited.
  The incidence of eye diseases can be decreased by supplementing sufficient visual mechanism health care nutrient in diet.

(1) Eat foods containing calcium, such as dried small shrimps, kelp, soybean and egg yolk.

(2) The absorption of calcium is inseparable from vitamin D, such as cod liver oil and cream. Teenagers and children should drink a glass of milk and eat an egg or jellied bean curd per day. These foods not only contain calcium and vitamin D, but also contain vitamin A and phosphorus.

(3) Eat foods containing much chromium, such as coarse flour, vegetable oil and glucose.

(4) Eat foods containing vitamin A, such as animal liver, butter, egg yolk, milk, and yellow and green vegetables e.g. spinach, rape, pumpkin, and carrot, and red and yellow fruits e.g. apricot, persimmon, and red cabbage.

7. You should do eye exercises frequently. When doing eye exercises, you should keep nails short, hands clean, eyes slightly closed, and mind concentrated. Do not use too much force. Find the acupoint accurately, produce a sense of soreness, and apply soft and loose technique. Practice twice per time to keep your eyes relaxed.
  Several Bad Habit of Hurting Your Eyes
  Currently China has about 5 million blind people, which covers 0.4% of the total population, thus China is one of countries with the most serious blindness and visual impairment in the world. Following the development of economic society and the aging of population structure, the non-infectious eye diseases have become the main cause of going blind in China.
  If you want to have a pair of bright eyes, then you must correct some bad habits in your daily life.
  Alcohol will hurt eyes
  Alcohol is the No. 1 enemy of eyes. Why does a drinking person have red face and rising temperature?

Thats because the alcohol will promote the blood circulation and make the blood capillary swell. The skin around eyes is tender and the blood capillary is very tiny. In case of overdrinking, the blood capillary will break easily and cause spots. Therefore, the farther you keep the alcohol away, the better to your eyes.
  Please give up smoking to protect your eyes
  The hazards of smoking to health often remind people of respiratory diseases, but smoking can also affect the vision. This is not alarmist.
  The most common hazard of smoking to eyes is amblyopia. Amblyopia means the corrected vision is lower than 0.8. There are two reasons causing amblyopia. Firstly, when smoking, the oxygen inhaled by human body is consumed, thus the oxygen content in blood is decreased, but the eye retina is particularly sensitive to hypoxia; if this continues, the optic nerve fiber will have degeneration, and the retinal papilla macular region will also have contraction. Secondly, the tobacco tar produced in tobacco burning will cause decrease of content of vitamin B12 in human body; however, the vitamin B12 is the requisite nutrient for maintaining normal functions of optic nerve. Under the influence of these two aspects, the smoker will have vision loss, and cause amblyopia even blindness for serious cases.
  According to investigation by medical experts, among patients with cataract, the 20% is relevant with long-term smoking. When comparing the people who smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day and nonsmokers, the possibility of the former suffering from cataract is twice higher than the latter.
  Moreover, the hazardous substances such as nicotine and carbon monoxide inhaled during smoking will cause vasoconstriction and platelet agglutination hyperactivity, thus result in the occurrence of blinding eye diseases such as central retinal embolism and macular degeneration. Clinically, it is also observed that sometimes the smokers have the phenomenon of transient elevated intraocular pressure, which is especially obvious in patients with glaucoma. Originally patients with glaucoma have high intraocular pressure. If they smoke, the case will be worse. 
      Meanwhile, the scientific research has also definitely pointed out that tobacco will also result in occurrence of wrinkles around eyes. Even we ourselves do not smoke, we should not relax our vigilance, because the second-hand smoking and third-hand smoking will also devastate the body and mind as well as appearance. Therefore, wed better keep far away from tobacco.


  Self Make Traditional Chinese Medicine Eye Patch to Protect Eyes

      The Traditional Chinese Medicine Eye Patch does three things including drinking, fumigating and applying simultaneously to better protect the eye health. Below is the method for making and using. Materials: fruit of Chinese wolfberry, chrysanthemum, cassia seed, ophiopogon japonicus, and dendrobium.

1. Take two or three of the above materials to brew and drink it as tea, fumigate eyes by use of the tea vapor while it is hot, and continue for about 10~15 minutes.

2. Drink it as tea when it is warm.

3. Until such medicine tea is cooled, wrap the residues by use of two pieces of clean gauze, make two simple eye patches, and apply around the eyes.

       The above is the steps for self making of Traditional Chinese Medicine Eye Patch. The steps are simple. However, the effects should not be underestimated. Firstly, during use, the eye closure can well relax the eye muscles. Secondly, the cassia seed, chrysanthemum, salvia miltiorrhiza, etc. contained in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Eye Patch have the effects such as clearing liver and improving vision as well as promoting blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction, so the external application around the eyes can accelerate the periocular blood circulation through permeation, so as to increase nutritionto dry eyes and relieve asthenopia. The method of drinking traditional Chinese medicine as tea can also play a role of protecting eye health.


        How Teenagers Protect Eyes:

1. Do the eye exercises frequently.

2. The distance from the computer to the eyes should be not less than 60 cm.

3. The distance to watch TV should be not less than 3m.

4. The sleep time should be not less than 8 hours per day.

5. For a student to read books every day, the distance between the head and the book should be not less than 30cm.

6. Any student, who does not have a right sitting posture and writes by sitting down on stomachs, bowing head, and writing with heads tilted when doing homework every day, should use an anti-myopia pen to correct wrong postures.

7. For a student to read at night, the desk lamp should not be too bright. In case of ordinary light bulb, the 20-watt one is the most suitable. In case of tricolor energy-saving lamp, the 3-watt one is the most suitable.

8. Do not write homework under strong light or sunlight.

9. Do not wear glasses of others.

10. Any students who has been short-sighted should require accurate glasses degree when getting glasses.

 Self Maintenance for Presbyopia:

. Insist on washing face and eyes with cold water.

. Once free, use open and closed blinks to invigorate and maintain eye muscles.

. Before going to bed per night, wash face with warm water at 40~50℃.

. Purchase traditional Chinese medicine such as fruit of Chinese wolfberry and cassia obtusifolia, take 12g respectively per time, blew in freshly boiling water, and drink frequently as tea, so as to receive the effects of nourishing liver and kidney as well as clearing liver and improving vision.
 Nutrients Required by Eyes:
  On the retina, the main function of rod body cells is for scotopic vision, and the main function of cone cells is for photopic vision. The reason why rod body cells are sensitive to weak lights is that they contain a special visual quality. The visual quality is compounded by protein and vitamin A, and the lack of it will cause eye diseases such as night blindness and cataract.
  Vitamin A
  The visual quality is a kind of compound protein containing derivatives of vitamin A. If vitamin A is lacked or insufficient, the regeneration of visual quality will become slow and incomplete, thus cause decrease of dark adaptation mechanism and affect night vision; also result in corneal epithelium exfoliation, thickening and keratinization, and make this originally transparent membrane non-transparent.
  Vitamin B1
  Vitamin B1 is an important substance of maintaining and participating in nerve (including optic nerve) cell functions and metabolism. The lack or insufficiency of this substance will cause eyes dry even inflammation in optic nerve.
  Vitamin C
  The content of vitamin C in the eyeball crystalline lens is obviously higher than that in other tissues. It is an important nutrition ingredient in crystalline lens. The insufficiency of intake often causes opacity of crystalline lens, also is one of important reasons for cataract.
  Calcium is the “messenger” in nerve, and participates in various nervous impulse. The lack of calcium in nerve cell (including optic nerve) will easily cause asthenopia and distraction.
 Zinc can enhance the sensitivity of optic nerve. The lack of zinc will affect the absorption of vitamin A in body.

       In multiple types of tissue cells of human body, the selenium content of eyes is the highest. It is an important microelement for maintaining the vision.

Moreover, tea leaves contain abundant carotene, vitamin B1, B2 and C, and multiple types of microelement.  Tea can improve visionis almost widely known.        

Therefore, drinking tea can protect the vision, also treat some eye diseases. For example, take green tea 25g and decoct medicinal juice and clarify to wash eyes, which can treat blepharitis, acute infectious conjunctivitis, etc.

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