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Company Overview/Profile


Chengdu SDK Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. It is a company specializing in ophthalmic medical diagnostic equipment, integrating "R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service". It focuses on providing core technologies, products and services for the medical field, and is committed to Dry eye integrated solution products and optical products. Well-known high-tech enterprises in the field of R&D and production. The company is located in the Science and Technology Industry Development Park on both sides of the Chengdu Medical City in Wenjiang District, Chengdu. It has a strong scientific research atmosphere and a superior investment environment. It is currently the only manufacturer of ophthalmic ultrasound equipment in Sichuan that has obtained the national Class III medical device registration certificate.

SDK Medical attaches great importance to independent research and development, and has a core team composed of highly talented, high-quality, high-efficiency management talents and strong scientific research talents. The R&D personnel cover high-end talents in five majors: optics, mechanics, electronics, algorithms, and software; it has a scientific research team specializing in optical instruments, medical imaging and machine vision. After years of research and development and market practice, the company has accumulated rich experience in ophthalmology clinics, ultrasound transmission circuits and image processing, and its technical level is in a leading position in the domestic industry. All products are independently developed, designed and manufactured, and have independent intellectual property rights. The company has established a complete production management process and a standardized quality management system.

The concept of "seeking truth and being pragmatic, and weichuang striving for the first" is the source of confidence for SDK to gain a foothold in the world of ophthalmology. Quality first, continuous improvement of product quality is the survival support for SDK company to lead the development. Independent research and development, technological innovation, and technological leadership are the core competitiveness of an enterprise. "Integrity-based, technology-first, and service-oriented" is the unswerving foothold of Vision Medical. SDK, seeks the world, constantly improves ophthalmic diagnostic products, distributes globally, and pursues increasingly perfect imaging and detection technologies.

Main Business Includes

1. Ophthalmic examination equipment: AB ultrasound equipment for eyes, is the only manufacturer in Sichuan that has obtained the certificate of Class III medical equipment. Automatic digital slit lamp series, case collection and management system, and its auxiliary examination equipment. Fundus mirrors, hand-held fundus cameras, vision screeners, hand-held slit lamps and other portable screening series and other basic ophthalmic examination equipment.

2. Dry eye prevention and control equipment for myopia and amblyopia: dry eye tester, vision tester, dry eye atomizer, eyelid cleaning wipes, eye heating to relieve fatigue goggles, myopia and amblyopia treatment equipment and other products.

3. Optometry equipment: computer refractometer, corneal curvature meter, comprehensive combination optometry table, interpupillary distance meter, focal meter, visual acuity chart, edge grinding machine, lens box and other products that can be involved.

4. Ophthalmic surgical equipment: ophthalmic surgical microscopes, phacoemulsifiers, YAG lasers, cassette steam sterilizers and other ophthalmic surgical instruments and consumable products.

The core competitiveness of an enterprise.

"Independent research and development, technological innovation, and technological leadership"

The unswerving foothold of SDK Medical !

"integrity-based, technology-first, and service-oriented"

Mission: Make medical care smarter and make the world a better place Vision: Continue to innovate, develop and create precise and intelligent medical optical products; become a one-stop procurement and production enterprise for ophthalmology, and serve global users! core value: Customer Achievement | We promise to serve customers with our heart, achieve customers, make medical care smarter, and make the world a better place! Transformation and Innovation | We are determined to innovate, keep making progress, and delve into science and technology, just to make medical care smarter and make the world a better place! Fast action | We are committed to being fast, efficient, and actively responding, solving the most demanding problems with the fastest speed and the most professional attitude, making medical care smarter, and making the world a better place! Teamwork | We have an elite team with high intelligence, high quality and high efficiency. We work together to make medical care smarter and the world better with our professionalism and strength! Manufacturing first-class refined products | We take "manufacturing first-class refined products" as our mission.

Company Culture: Wholeheartedly for market demand Make products wholeheartedly Innovate technology wholeheartedly Pursue integrity wholeheartedly Wholeheartedly cooperate and win-win Corporate culture is an important part of the operation of SDK medical enterprises. The development of SDK medical is responsible and mission-oriented development, pursuing customers, employees and the whole society to achieve green, harmonious and sustainable development. The core of SDK medical corporate culture is "Responsibility is on the shoulder", "Helping Growth" and "Heart-oriented". We take it as our responsibility to support the development of talents, "heart-oriented", pay attention to employee training, start from the "heart", cultivate reserve forces with heart and love, and support talents at different stages through a comprehensive approach of education, empowerment, and achievement growing up.

Business Attitude: Efficient service: Our professional sales staff can quickly respond to customer needs and provide efficient and thoughtful service. Quality Assurance: Every product is treated as rigorously as a work of art by workers. We adopt a strict quality management system to ensure the reliability and durability of our products. R&D innovation: Committed to the R&D of dry eye integrated solution products and children’s optical products. R&D is science and art. Our innovation team is a group of scientists who are brave to innovate in the field of medical optics and are also facing the challenge of creating future ophthalmic devices This group of people is brave to take responsibility and full of enthusiasm, providing more possibilities for the future of medical devices.

Social Responsibility: SDK initiated a program aimed at raising global eye awareness, focusing on ophthalmology and dry eye populations, providing the best ophthalmic solutions. Efforts to fulfill the mission of "make medical care smarter and make the world a better place", while providing better solutions for doctors, patients and the public, to achieve further growth in corporate performance.

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