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Team Management

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Mr. Pi Jiali


Dedicated to medical device R&D, production and team management for more than 20 years, he has accumulated rich experience in overall medical device design and clinical application.

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Ms. Wang Xiaolin

Management Team Representative

Medical device manufacturers have been in business for more than ten years, and they have accumulated rich experience in quality system operation, management and product registration of medical device manufacturers.

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Mr. Li Dingquan

Technical Team Representative

Focusing on the development of medical device software for more than ten years, he has accumulated rich experience in assembly, multiple high-level software languages, digital circuits and image processing.

1 (4)

Mr. Yan Xi

Minister of Supply and Marketing

Engaged in procurement and sales industry for more than ten years.

1 (3)

Ms. Deng Ling

Minister of Foreign Trade

7 years of experience in the medical industry, familiar with international business processes, and accumulated rich product experience in foreign trade.

1 (2)

Ms. Ying Wang

Director of General Department

Engaged in corporate personnel and administrative management.

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